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Founded in 1988, WEGO started a disposable infusion sets business with tax revolving fund of RMB 25,000. At present, it works on developing medical devices and pharmaceuticals as its main business, while expanding the architectural engineering, finance and other businesses. With more than 80 subsidiaries, 2 listed companies, and more than 30,000 employees, WEGO Holding Co., Ltd., which covers an area of more than 6 million square meters, consists of WEGO Group, WEGO Architecture Engneering Group and WEGO Financial Holding Group. WEGO has 7 industry groups including medical products, blood purification, orthopedics, medical equipment, pharmacy, intracardiac consumables, and medical business. Main businesses of the architecture engneering group include the real estate, building materials, hotels, food and tourism; main businesses of the financial holding group are asset and fund management, credit, equity investment, and securities management. Main products of WEGO are infusion sets, syringes, blood transfusion equipment, intracardiac consumables, IV catheters and special needles, blood purification equipment and consumables, orthopedic materials, operating equipment and accessories, trauma care, surgical robots, minimally invasive instruments and equipment, ICU products and accessories, high-capacity injections and other pharmaceuticals, renal products, biological diagnostic reagents, surgical sutures, dental implants, sense control equipment and consumables, PVC & non-PVC materials and so on. With more than 1000 varieties of products provided in more than 150,000 specifications, WEGO’s medical instruments now have entered into 11 fields out of 15 segmented markets, becoming one of the most safe and reliable suppliers of medical system solutions in the world. WEGO has won the honorary titles such as Industrialization Base of Achievements of National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Leading Enterprise of China's Industry, Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Top 500 China Credit Enterprises, Top 500 Private Enterprises in China, National Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Unit, National May 1st Labor Certificate, China Grand Awards for Industry, National Advanced Enterprise Applying Excellence Performance Model, Shandong Governor Quality Award, Chinese Quality Award Nomination and Global Performance Excellence Award. Weihai Blue Ocean Bank Co., Ltd. is approved to operate by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. In 2019, it ranked No. 381 among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and No. 181 among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

(WEGO factory area)

In order to further improve the innovation system, WEGO has established a national-recognized enterprise technology center, a national engineering laboratory of implants, a national innovation pilot enterprise, an academician workstation, a postdoctoral workstation, Shandong High-performance Medical Device Research Center, Shandong Medical Device Technology Innovation Center, a provincial engineering technology research center, Taishan Scholar Laboratory and other innovation platforms, accelerates the construction of three major platforms including WEGO Research Institute, National Innovation Center and Beijing & Changchun R & D Center, and carries out industry-university-research cooperation with more than 30 well-known universities and research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Harbin Industrial University and Tianjin University, with over 30 research institutions established. WEGO has more than 1,100 patents, including more than 400 invention patents. It possesses more than 900 products with independent intellectual property right, among them, high-tech products and high value- added products account for more than 80%. More than 100 products such as orthopedic materials series, blood purification series, intracardiac consumables series, artificial liver, automatic chemiluminescence analyzer, colour ultrasonic diagnosis, DR, prefilled syringes, membrane oxygenator and protein A immunoadsorption column have broken foreign monopolies and become well-known international brands. 30 products have been included in the National Torch Plan, "863 Program" and other national projects. WEGO has won four state technological invention awards and state science and technology awards (polyolefin materials, infusion and intervention technique, cardiac drug-eluting stent technology, new technology for treatment of severe chest trauma in battlefield), with its minimally invasive surgery robot winning the gold award of China Excellent Industrial Design.

(WEGO building)

WEGO has passed ISO9000 international quality system certification, ISO13485 quality system certification, CE certification and GMP certification, and gained FDA recognition by upholding scientific management and improving the quality management system. Advanced production equipment are introduced from abroad to enhance technological transformation, increase the technological level, and promote product upgrading. WEGO' s products sell well in China, and are sold to multiple countries and regions in the world such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The domestic market share of high-end infusion sets and syringes, blood transfusion equipment and consumables, pharmaceutical packaging materials and other products is about 70%. The domestic market share of orthopedic material series, blood purification series, intracardiac consumables and other series is about 30%.

WEGO gives strong support to social welfare and charity, and has carried out activities such as WEGO Light Action, WEGO Loving Care Project, WEGO Life Relay Project, with a total donation of more than RMB 600 million. WEGO Light Action has provided cataract surgery for free for over 20,000 patients since its implementation in 2004; WEGO Loving Care Project has helped more than 2,000 teenagers with idiopathic scoliosis; WEGO donated RMB 10 million to Weihai One Day Donation of Love ; during the 2020’s outbreak, WEGO donated money and goods more than 50 million……

WEGO will always adhere to the spirit "Innovative and Pragmatic", uphold the mission of “Your Health,We Care”, establish the core values of Conscience, Integrity and loyalty, and insist on the development strategy of “One Center, Three Adjustments”, to apply itself to building a global company and world-leading enterprise and joining the ranks of strong international medical device enterprises, realizing the vision of "to be the strongest in China, best in-class globally, the most respected innovative medical devices and pharmaceutical company."

The logo of WEGO illustrates that the name of "WEGO" originates from Weihai Medical Polymer Co., Ltd. "威" (WE) means Weihai, prestige and power, "高" (GO) stands for nobility and lofty goals. "WEGO" originates from the Chinese pinyin Weigao. As the market, talents, technology, equipment and capital of WEGO Holding Co., Ltd. become internationalized, the brand logo of WEGO should also be internationalized to facilitate international communication. The amazing part is, removing "I" and "A" in "WEIGAO" (Chinese pinyin of 威高) gets "WEGO" in English. The pronunciation of "WEGO" is the same as "Weigao"; "WEGO" means we travel together, which is in line with WEGO's mission of "work with medical workers to create a healthy future", namely WEGO walk hand in hand with medical workers around the world to improve human health. The message that "WEGO" sends is: WEGO people set sail from Weihai, walk hand in hand with medical workers around the world, travel with health and love. WEGO will be more prestigious, more powerful, more noble and bigger, aim higher, advance bravely, and have high aspirations.
The standard color of "WEGO" means that the restoration of human health undertaken by WEGO together with medical workers is as boundless as the sea and sky, higher than the sky, deeper than the sea, divine and eternal. WEGO shines for ever like the sun and the moon, is always with the sea and sky and travels together with medical workers around the world.
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